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unreleased tracks & rarities

inédits & raretés

The Treesearcher ... metamorphosed into a tree (1)

Le Chercheur d'Arbres ... haunting a grove in the distance (2)

Le Voyage ... into the shadows of the road (2)

Oom-Pah-Pah (cover of THE NITS)... into the deep forest (3)

(1) Percusions by Olivier Vitry / Released in April 2003 on a bonus mini-CD from the limited edition of European Landscapes (Cynfeirdd). Many thanks to the people that translated the leitmotiv sentence : Qing (Chinese) - Tomasz Zrabkowski (Polish) - Spyros Giasafakis (Greek) - Louisa Gonçalvez (Spanish/Portuguese) - Katarina Danton (Swedish/Danish/English) - Tony Persechini (Italian) - Elvira Ravasson (Hungarian). Dutch & German par Liesbeth Houdijk

(2) HIDE&SEEK 1998 - from the album "Luxembourg"

(3) THE NITS 1987 - from the album "In the dutch mountains" (H.Hofstede/R.Kloet/R.J.Stips)



excerpts of Where Turtles Sleep


On The Balcony... nearly at the surface

Clouds&Blue... in blue letters

L'espoir... the serene animal

De l'autre Côté du Miroir... where the water is the darkest

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excerpts of European Landscapes


House of Shadows... the northen house

The Real Taste of Honey... some look for honey in the trees

Petite Soeur du Silence... she looks like going towards us

Towards The Sun... into the light

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