November the 18th, 2016

Hide&Seek and Effel & Cath Lowska from Opera Multi Steel founded a new band!

TIRAMIST 's first album is called "For your ears only". It is produced by the label Waves Records and distributed in Europe by AUDIOGLOBE :

Deezer :

More information about TIRAMIST on:


May the 10th, 2014

HIDE&SEEK's favorite cover, the NITS's song "Oom-Pah-Pah", has been included on the tribute CD dedicated to the Dutch band: "ISNT NITS". This compilation has been realised by the Swiss label FAZE RECORDS for the 40th birthday of the band. Le CD has been presented to the musicians of the NITS on May the 2nd in Zurich for its official release. It includes 51 covers of the NITS by many artists (Cult With No Name, Françoiz Breut, Chartotte Parfois...)

The CD is avalaible on NITS official website :

You can listen to the songs on :

For more information : et


October the 1st, 2012

Hide&Seek is on Facebook :


December the 1st, 2012

The French association Sanctus Amenus Dominus Erecta has published a compilation including a remix of On The Balcony. More information on


October the 1st, 2012

Hide&Seek's interview in the French magazine ELEGY (n°74).The Lost Song - from the album "Clouds are beautiful" - is on the CD sampler.



September the 27th, 2012

Shooting Stars video - by François Porte

December, 2011

Hide&Seek 's new album !

"Clouds are beautiful", a 10-tracks CD, has been released by the label CYNFEIRDD. In a 24 pages booklet, each song is illustrated by a watercolour by François Porte.

You can hear samples and purchase the CD at :

January 2011

The label Str8line has released a new compilation called "Movement One volume 3". 26 bands, amongst Opéra Multi Steel, Complot Bronswick and many others, cover each other ! Hide&Seek covers Norma Loy. More information on :


June the 7th 2010

The label Infrastition has released a new compilation Transmission : "30 years with(out) Ian Curtis Transmission". 18 French bands, amongst Opéra Multi Steel, Collection D’Arnell-Andréa, Babel 17, Charles de Goal, Clair Obscur, Complot and many others, have covered songs of the Manchester's band : Insight, Decades, Isolation, Atmosphere, Ceremony, Heart and Soul, etc. Hide&Seek covers The Eternal. The CD is available on this page.


February the 28th 2010

HIDE&SEEK will play live in spring 2010 :

- on 13. April at the Pop In in Paris, with Masternova

- on 21. May at the Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig’s international festival (Germany) - 105 rue Amelot 75011 Paris - Subway : Saint Sebastien Froissart (8) ou Oberkampf (9 & 5)

HIDE&SEEK in stage November the 28th in the Centre Culturel of CHERBOURG :

November the 7th 2009

HIDE&SEEK will be on stage Saturday November the 28th - 15h – in the Centre Culturel of CHERBOURG.


July the 22th 2009

HIDE&SEEK is associated to the first French CINDYTALK tour. CINDYTALK is the English band leaded by Gordon Sharp, whose voice opened the first This Mortal Coil album, in 1984… CINDYTALK will play five times in France and Geneva, in October 2009 (see flyer). HIDE&SEEK will be on stage :
- October the 3rd in Nantes at "Le Floride"
- October the 8th in Paris at "Le Klub" (14, rue Saint Denis 75001 - Métro Chatelet)

More information about CINDYTALK : et

December the 8th 2008

A new album of Rise & Fall of a Decade has been released. It's called "Love it or leave it". Pacifist manifesto, last musical pearl of this flagship of the French scene, it ends the touching and innovative works of the band. To this CD is joined a tribute to Pierre-François Maurin-Mallet, founder and singer of the band : "A missing friend tribute", CD gathering 12 covers or remixes of Rise & Fall of a Decade 's songs, selected by Thierry Sintoni, co-founder of the band. Hide &Seek has had the honour of participating to this compilation, with a cover of "Lost Cause". Other covers by O Quam Tristis, Collection d''Arnell-Andrea, Speaking Silence, Nemo Sandman, etc.

More informations :


July the 22th 2008

Darkroom Magazine has released a free-download compilation called "In The Dark Room Vol. 1" that gathers unreleased or rare songs by Attrition, Sieben, Ashram, Ataraxia, Albireon, Dismal, The Frozen Autumn ... and Hide&Seek. The style of the compilation is somewhere between ambient, dark-folk and coldwave. Hide&Seek includes a surprising remixed version of Ghosts of the Swimming Pool.

You can download the compilation here :

May the 24th 2008

The auditorium of the website includes a new track : "Le Voyage", from the album "Luxembourg"

March the 4th 2008

Darklight has released a DVD called Underground. It gathers live songs of 22 bands of the French "cold and alternative scene", including Jad Wio, Norma Loy, Gaë Bolg, The Breath of Life, Von Magnet, etc... and Hide&Seek. Our song The Dreams of the Architect has been chosen, from the Festival du Chantier Musical in Paris, 2006.

You can purchase Underground on

January the 27th 2008

For its 10th birthday, the fanzine TRINITY has released a beautiful compilation called Ruines & Vanités. The CD includes unreleased songs, remixes and rarities by : Ataraxia, Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, Cindytalk, Curtain, Die Puppe, Endraum, Hide & Seek, Martin Dupont, Mémoires d'Automne, Morthem Vlade Art, N.L.C., Opéra Multi Steel, O Quam Tristis and Seven Pines. You can order at: We participed with an unreleased song called "Etats d'âme", a kind of cloudy pop...

But next HIDE&SEEK 's album will sound mostly cold, with energy and electricity ! Release... when it will be ready.

November the 10th 2007

Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites 's new album has just been released by the label EDT. It's called Threatening Devices. HIDE&SEEK was involved with some lyrics, vocal, glockenspiel and guitar contributions.

For more information, please contact or visit EDT's website :

June the 30th 2007

Italian interview of Hide&Seek on Darkroom Magazine : Clic HERE - English translation : Clic HERE

American review of the album Where Turtles Sleep on Heathen Harvest Webzine : Clic HERE

April the 8th 2007